Successful companies have acknowledged that knowledge is going to be the most important asset of the future in the knowledge economy. Some companies have already implemented a searchable document handling system in an attempt to keep track of knowledge items that are used in their company.

But are those companies
truly managing their knowledge?

The knowledge base for value creation extends the documents that circulate amongst employees. Knowledge is organic. It develops, it changes direction and it means different things to different people. Trying to catch your company knowledge in a document system or a tree structure is not doing
yourknowledge justice.

Knowlution offers a new and sophisticated platform to collect, map and apply the knowledge that is present in your company. The key element in the approach lies in the application of our unique and highly advanced language-processing software. This software enables you to automatically extract meaningful concepts out of unstructured textual information.

The Knowlution platform is also able to map out relationships between different concepts, spanning all the documents that are present in your company. This enables users to analyse content in a fast and simple way. The Knowlution platform integrates public content sources and uses these documents to maintain and stimulate knowledge creation.

Finally, Knowlution makes it possible to analyse all the data in the Knowlution platform with sophisticated statistical software, enabling you to prognosticate your future knowledge need. This information is vital when planning the expenditure of educational budgets or the acquisition of knowledge resources.